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Upgrade your Kawasaki fairings with a new set of bodywork! ZXMT manufacturers ZX6R/ZX10R/ZX14R Ninja fairing kits and more. Fast shipping on all sportbike body kits.

ZXMT make the best quality aftermarket UV fairings, fairing kits, bodywork and body kits for Kawasaki Fairings. Not only does our fairings look amazing but they fit perfectly due to the injection mold technology which ensures accurate and perfect fitment. Original mounting equipment will work with these fairings.

Kawasaki Fairings

We have some really cool designs for the Kawasaki Fairings including the Blue Black Monster Energy - 08-12' 250R fairing kit, the Pink Black - 08-12' 250R fairing kit, the All Black - 05-06' ZX6R fairing kit, the White Black - 07-08' ZX6R Fairing kit and much more.

We can also do other designs like Green Black Touch4 - 04-05' ZX10R body kit, Red Black - 11-13' ZX10R body kit and Gold and Black - 12-13' ZX14R body kit.

Contact ZXMT if you cant find a design or want to do a custom design!

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